Ursula Goldstein



Expressive Costume in the context of a Gestalt Dance Performance
Costume becomes a magnificent theatrical tool when combined with human physique. Even more so, if it is animated by movement. Visual form is a medium, separate from others. It enhances and complements the spoken word or contextual setting. My active years in dance, scenography and costume making have shown me that.

For my graduation dance spectacle I will create costumes that mutate and reflect the narrative of an ancient oriental myth. They themselves develop as the story progresses. The individuality of the performer will become the essence of the character with the help of oppositions, layered realities, process of transformation, illusion, animating the material, bending the perception of the audience. Costume and set design of this dance performance take inspiration from a Gestalt approach, the theatrical elements will create an experience that is larger than the sum of its parts.

Practical realisation will be centred around theatrical costume design that surpasses the conventions of an expressive costume. The costume becomes an essential part of the performer. It will help express the underlying narrative, nature of the depicted character and is a key element of a complete theatrical experience.

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