Despina Zacharopoulou


CoInCIDentIa oppoSItorum

How can Androgyny be presented in performing arts?

Initiation, in all kinds of Mysteries, has always been a passage towards the revelation of the hidden truths of the Universe in order to help man exit individualism and transcend into a universal existence. Performing arts and theater deriving from ancient rituals -that of Dionysos for the case of Greece- may still have the potential of echoing this initial process of transformation for the one who participates in them in order to become a Complete Being, even in the non-Religious era that we live in. This notion of Completeness and transcendal experience has been expressed during the ages in myths and Alchemy through the symbol of the Androgyne; from the Orphic Cosmology and its "Hymn to the First-born" to the Alchemical process for the creation of the Philosopher's Stone. In all of the cases both devine beings and humans who possessed this dual nature were expressions of the surpassing of all polarities through the Reconciliation of the Opposites, or in other words: COINCIDENTIA OPPOSITORUM.

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